Laois car sales fall in May

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Laois car sales fall in May

Laois car sales fell by up to 25 per cent in May, according to new figures from The Society of the Irish Motor Industry (SIMI).

A total of 721 cars sold in Laois in May, compared to 954 last year, representing a decline of 24.42 per cent. 

SIMI's official new vehicle statistics show that new car registrations for May declined 72.3% (1,751) when compared to May 2019 (6,320).

Retailers showrooms remained closed until May 18, as a result of COVID-19 impacting heavily on sales. Registrations year to date are down 34.6% (51,904) on the same period last year (79,350).

The commercial vehicle sector was also impacted. Light Commercials vehicles (LCV) down 70.3% (510) compared to May last year (1,717) and year to date are down 31.3% (10,016). HGV (Heavy Goods Vehicle) registrations are down 69.8% (90) in comparison to May 2019 (298). Year to date HGV's are down 23.2% (1141).

Used car imports for May (857) seen a decrease of 90.8% on May 2019 (9,347). While year to date imports are down 58.9% (18,525) on 2019 (45,066).

Brian Cooke, SIMI Director General commenting on the market figures said, "Our undustry is grateful to be open for business again. SIMI members continue to implement social distancing and sanitisation measures, in accordance with both industry and State guidelines, that will protect both their employees and customers against the spread of COVID-19. 

"With new car sales for the month over 70% down on May last year and with both the dire economic outlook for the rest of the year and no hire drive activity, it is clearly going to be a very challenging period for the industry. In the short term the State should expedite the safe re-opening of NCT, while also re-instate the Government Grants for Company Electric Vehicle purchases.

"The key July registration period is fast approaching, and the motor industry has commenced promotional activity with a variety of attractive new car offers already announced in order to optimise sales. In addition, strong Government support in the coming weeks, months and year will be vital in helping the Industry support the nearly 50,000 people in employment.”   

2020 Total New Vehicle Stats

New car sales year to date (2020) 51,904 v (2019) 79,350 -34.6%
New car sales total May (2020) 1,751 v (2019) 6,320 -72.3%
Light Commercial Vehicles sales year to date (2020) 10,016 v (2019) 14,571 -31.3%
Light Commercial Vehicles sales total May (2020) 510 v (2019) 1,717 -70.3%
Heavy Goods Vehicle total sales year to date (2020) 1,141 v (2019) 1,486 -23.2%
Heavy Goods Vehicle sales total May (2020) 90 v (2019) 298 -69.8%
Used Car Imports total year to date (2020) 18,525 v (2019) 45,066 -58.9%
Used Car Imports total May (2020) 857 v (2019) 9,347 -90.8%
5 Top Selling Car Brands 2020 were: 1. Toyota 2. Volkswagen 3. Hyundai 4. Skoda 5. Ford
5 Top car model’s year 2020 were 1. Toyota Corolla 2. Hyundai Tucson 3. Volkswagen Tiguan 4. Ford Focus 5. Hyundai Kona
Market share by engine type 2020: Diesel 44.08%, Petrol 37.57%, Hybrid 12.31%, Electric 3.57% and Plug-In Hybrid 2.19%