Gardaí want to scrap hundreds of bangers or wrecks but keep the parts to reuse

Conor Ganly


Conor Ganly


An example of the type of car the gardaí want to scrap

The Gardaí are want to scrap nearly 300 clapped out or smashed up squad cars and other vehicles scrapped but they want the second-hand parts back to reuse.

Garda HQ has invited tenders for dismantlers to bid for an 'End of Life Vehicle' (ELV) disposal service contract which will include the collection and transport of selected vehicles from Fleet Management Section in Dublin.

The tender says various vehicles will be brought to an authorised End of Life Treatment Facility where garda vehicles will be disposed of in accordance with environmental guidelines.

Gardaí say the vehicles being are removed from service for the following reasons,

- Traffic Accidents.
- Mechanical failure.
- Malicious damage/fires.
- Vehicles that have reached an odometer threshold. 

- The vehicle is no longer considered suitable for the extremes of garda use.
- Other reasons at the discretion of the gardaí.

Gardaí say 225 of the vehicles are complete and 75 are 'partial vehicles'.

In the tender gardaí also give figures on the average number of cars and other vehicles which are no longer usable. Since 2017 nearly 1,000 cars, vans, motorbikes and other vehicles have had to be scrapped. Most, over 700, are cars.

As part of the commitment to the Government's Energy Reduction Strategy, Gardaí have told contract bidders that they are committed to recycling suitable parts and components.

"In order to minimise the fleet maintenance and repair costs to An Garda Síochána and/or to extend the vehicle life where the vehicle repair would otherwise become uneconomical, it is intended to recycle and reuse suitable serviceable components from official Garda vehicles undergoing the End of Life process. This contract will include a service, where selected vehicle components removed from vehicles undergoing the ELV process will be stored and distributed to the AGS vehicle service, repair and maintenance network," said the tener.

Examples of such vehicle components are doors, boot/tailgates, bonnets, bumpers, bumper reinforcements, front panel, wheels (undamaged), wheel trims, glass, lights, engines and gearboxes (if low mileage or recently installed/replaced), seats and interior parts, carpets, drive-shafts.

The gardaí say cannot be sold or distributed in any form to other parties. All vehicle components with identifiable garda markings or garda specific application and usage cannot be sold or distributed in any form to other parties without the express permission of the gardaí.

Number plates will have to be shredded and garda marking removed. Where identifiable markings cannot be removed from vehicle components, the entire component must be destroyed or recycled.