Mount-THE-CURB-mellick: 'Death of a child is inevitable' if school parking is not dealt with

"This is an unfortunate situation to be in as it seem that a death of a child is inevitable due to funding"

Mount-THE-CURB-mellick: 'Death of a child is inevitable' if school parking is not dealt with

Mount-THE-CURB-mellick: 'Death of a child is inevitable' if school parking is not dealt with

A concerned parent in Mountmellick has spoken about the dangerous parking outside St. Joseph's and St. Patrick's National schools in the town.

The large schools which are side-by-side are located on the busy Davitt Road. There is a car park provided for parents dropping and collecting children but it is understood that this cannot cater for the hundreds of children going to the school every day. 

This comes after bollards were erected at the front gate of the school this week to prevent cars from parking there and pulling in to allow for children's safety. 

This matter was dealt with this week because of the midterm break from school however traffic safety plans for Davitt Court and Davitt Road in general will be a longer time coming. 

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The parent who wishes to remain anonymous wrote the following public message. 

It highlights the problem at hand, the money needed the deal with the parking, the value of a child's life and how this issue is bigger than Mountmellick. 

"As a parent every morning when I wake up I worry about all the usual things us parents are expected to worry about like , are the uniforms ready, have they brushed their teeth, brushed their hair, is their homework done and so on.

"But even more increasingly I find myself worrying about their safety going to school even though my partner or I will always accompany them holding hands, but in March we are expecting our third child and it concerns me that I/we unless we are both available (not working) at the time of school drop off that it won’t be possible to deliver our kids to school in the safest fashion possible. 

"10 years ago we bought our forever home in Mountmellick and based our purchase on a few key requirements, quality concrete built, size of development but the most  important requirements were location of the nearest shop which was a small store around the corner that has since closed and the promise of a Supervalu that materialised a short few years ago right next to the local primary school of which was the single most important requirement.

"We wanted to be close enough to a school for when we started our family that we wouldn't have to commute to school and so that we could walk to school in a matter of minutes.

"But the realisation of the dangers between my front door and the school gates were  not predicted as the selfishness, laziness, carelessness and disrespect of other parents mounting the curb and parking on the footpath is making it near impossible to pass by safely as I have seen the path completely unpassable for parents or guardians to pass with buggies, elderly people with walking aids, disabled people in wheelchairs and even able bodied having to walk out onto the road.

"In some cases I have witnessed people standing waiting for some time until the drivers return to move their cars.

"This road is a very busy road for HGVs as it’s the northern access route for a busy scrap metal yard not even a kilometre down from the school and chances of a fatal accident is increasing every day because of an avoidable situation that we are being expected to put up with.

"I have taken steps by contacting a local councillor Paddy Bracken and he came down very promptly to assess the situation and was horrified to witness the actions of the motorists himself, he even witnessed a quantity of cars reversing onto the main road into oncoming traffic.

"He requested the company of an engineer to come and witness the same area and have since marked the path for obstacles to be installed at the entrance of the school and half of the problem path because the funding to start and finish the job is not available and the works due to be carried out are being part funded by the school itself, this is an unfortunate situation to be in as it seem that a death of a child is inevitable due to funding.

"How many times have communities requested speed ramps, pedestrian crossings and other safety features to save lives before even one is lost?

"The truth is that the people in charge of the money sit on their hands most of the year and only seem to get anything done before the end of the year to empty the purse for the next budget. Surly the safety of a child should be top priority and preventions put in place before cures are required.

"I for one don’t want motorway art work nor do I want other meaningless investments made before security and safety of our children.

"This is not an isolated situation and nor am I the only one affected, this is happening outside of schools all over the country and nothing has been done. Most large schools have ample parking for those who have to commute and the facilities are not being used in accordance to the rules of the road," they said.

This message was published on the Ireland's parking idiots Facebook page which you can visit here.

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