Anna May McHugh mentions World Ploughing contest in 2021 at National Ploughing launch

Will it be in Laois?

Express Reporter


Express Reporter


Anna May McHugh

Anna May McHugh is the Managing Director of the National Ploughing Championships

National Ploughing Association managing director, Anna May McHugh, mentioned the World Ploughing Competition coming to Ireland in 2021 at the Carlow launch of this year's national competition.

Anna May said that while she was at this year's World Ploughing contest - which was held recently in Minnesota - she signed a contract to host the contest in Ireland in 2021. 

"People often say to us, 'what is the future for the ploughing?" she said. 

"Well I can tell you there's no stop sign out there because I just signed a contract to host the World Ploughing in 2021.

"And that will be the celebration of the National Ploughing on its 90th birthday."