Steps to tackle Spa St floods in Portarlington


Steps to tackle Spa St floods in Portarlington

Laois County Council to take steps to end flooding woes on Spa Street in Portarlington before winter floods hit the residential street again.

The council is using some of the government flood relief grant given earlier in the year, to install a ‘non-return valve’ on a pipe to the nearby River Barrow, that will allow water to drain from the street, but not let it come back up when the river is in flood.

They will also be installing a pump under the road, in case of a flood, to take the place of the fire service’s pumps, which were on the go for days on end last winter.

“We aim to do the works before this winter,” said Engineer Philip McVeigh at the Portarlington Graiguecullen district.

Cllr Tom Mulhall asked if pumping water back to a flooded river could work.

“I would hope the non return valve would stop water coming up in the first place. Any water falling into the street will also find its way to the pumping station.,” Mr McVeigh said.