Court - Port woman drunk in Portlaois hospital's A&E

Drunken Disturbance

Court - Port woman drunk in Portlaois hospital's A&E

A Portarlington woman has been fined for causing a disturbance in the local hospital.

Angela Donovan (50), with an address at Crow Lane, Portarlington, was charged with being intoxicated in a public place.

Inspector Ollie Baker gave evidence that on April 3 last year, the accused was detected in an extremely intoxicated state at the A&E department of the Midlands Hospital in Portlaoise, which was very busy at the time.

She was asked to leave as she did not require medical attention, but she refused and had to be arrested.

The accused had 18 previous convictions, 16 for public order offences.

Judge Catherine Staines said that people who are intoxicated and causing a disruption in A&E should go to prison, but as the accused was only charged with being intoxicated the court could not impose this sentence.

Defence, Ms Josephine Fitzpatrick admitted that “of all the places to cause a public order offence it’s not a hospital”.

The accused was convicted and fined €100.