Laois County Council's 2018 budget jumps to €64 million

Laois County Council budget up €2m

Laois County Council's 2018 budget jumps to €64 million
By Lynda Kiernan @laoisnews

The vote to increase Local Property Tax on Laois home owners has helped to grow Laois County Council's budget in 2018, rising to €63.9 million to spend on running the county.

The LPT tax will bring in almost €500,000 more to council coffers, with the rising economy expected to bring more cash in the form of commercial rates and extra council rents from new council houses.

Housing, roads and economic development will all get extra cash next year.

Housing will get €10.5m for housing loans, grants and rent supports.

Another €2.7 million will be spent for maintenance of council houses, homeless services and administration.

Council houses will be upgraded for fire safety, to the tune of €211,000, to comply with new rent standards.

The homelessness budget doubles from €100k to €210k.

The housing budget is separate to the €30 m the council hopes to spend buying and building homes by 2020.

Almost €15m will be spent on roads, road safety, paths, public lights and carparks .

Local roads get an extra €660k in government grants, almost half for the revived Local Improvement Scheme.

Miscellanous costs from morgues to councillors payments will cost €9.6m, including €2.7m in Refunds and Irrecoverable Rates.

€80,000 will be spent upgrading Portlaoise and Portarlington leisure centres. Water services will cost €3,5m, and development and management at €5.5m.

Environment services will cost nearly €7m, including €3.58m for the fire service, €0.94 million for Kyletalisha landfill, and €0.5 m for recycling. Recreation and amenity will get €3.7m. Agri, education, health & welfare gets €0.7m, Last year the council spent a total of €61.4 million.