MUST SEE: Drone pictures taken above Mountmellick town as water reaches highest ever recorded level

Michelle Hogan


Michelle Hogan

Donegal councillor calls for drones to monitor problem traffic areas

Cllr Blaney says drone could be used to monitor busy traffic areas.

The Borness area between Mountmellick and Portarlington has been completely flooded and the extent of the body of water can be seen in this image shared by Laois Civil Defense. The Borness has reached its highest level of water in recorded history today.

Laois County Council said that water in the River Barrow is now almost at its record point in Portarlington. 

Crunch time for flooding in Portarlington is expected to be 9pm tonight.

This picture taken over Mountmellick town shows the MDA at Irishtown, the Owenass River running up along the right hand side and the main street of the town over on the left. The river has burst into the town causing devastation.

Laois Civil Defense took these photos with a drone that they flew over the town. 

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