Leo Varadkar lives in 'selfie world' and needs to get serious


Conor Ganly


Conor Ganly



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Olivia O'Leary speaks at the Laois Hospice annual meeting. Pic: Michael Scully

Leo Varadkar needs to get serious about being Taoiseach, journalist Olivia O'Leary told the Laois Hospice annual meeting in her guest speaker's address.

The Carlow native spoke about journalism, her career and also offered insights into politicans past and present.

As to the Taoiseach, the RTÉ Radio Columist has not made up her mind.

“ It may that I have got to a stage where just like all the guards are getting younger the taoisigh are getting younger, he lives in a differant world than me. But I do find he lives in a world that is very conscious of image. He lives in the selfie world that all that generation live in.

“I still haven't got a handle on quite what view he has for this country or where it is going, or what sort of lines he draws in the sand he draws. I simply don't know”.

However, she said his recent decision to wear bright blue socks at the Enniskillen on Remembrance Sunday Service caused her to 'worry'.

“To seel Leo wearing bright blue socks when Arlene Foster was wearing a black hat and everybody was there in mourning clothes - there was a little bit of me that really want to shake him and say 'shake up here lad you're our Taoiseach now, you have to actually do things seriously',” she said.

Ms O'Leary also questioned his tweeting.