Laois Civil Defence to stand down for staff's safety before 'all hell breaks loose' #StormEmma #BeastFromTheEast

Michelle Hogan


Michelle Hogan

Laois Civil Defence to stand down for staff's safety before 'all hell breaks loose' #StormEmma #BeastFromTheEast

Laois Civil Defence staff have been on call during the first two days of heavy snowfall in the county however on Thursday afternoon they will stand down their services.

Liam Preston of Laois Civil Defence told the Leinster Express that they are extremely busy but need to call it in for the safety of their staff.

"We are calling everything in, everything is being stood down we have no choice with what is coming we won't be able to drive in it. 

"All our vehicles are on standby for HSE and gardai. We are helping the hospital out at we are on a blood run at the moment. 

"We are absolutely flat out and so are the hospitals. At 5pm all hell is going to break loose with the storm, you won't be able to see two foot in front of you. 

"We have to be mindful of our own staff.

"At the moment we are backing up the hospital and ambulance services, we are trying to send a 4 x 4 vehicle out with every ambulance to make sure the patients make it back to the hospital. 

"The snow is phenomenal out here and with the 100km/h winds coming we just have to call it in. 

"There could be a break in it tomorrow but we will make a call on everything again when we know more. 

"We are trying our best with what we have, this snow is unprecedented," he said.

Please be advised if you require the assistance of the emergency services please dial 999. The local number for the Severe Weather Communication Centre is 1890837273. Emergency shelter is available on request.

'Emergency shelter is available' - Laois County Council's crisis weather update.

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