'Reckless dumping' at Ballyroan bottle banks

'Reckless dumping' at Ballyroan bottle banks

Relocate the glass bottle banks from Ballyroan Community Hall, proposed Cllr Mary Sweeney.

Cllr Sweeney said the bottle bank has been removed from the area to “give it a cooling off period”.

She said that it had been looked at moving the bottle banks to a couple of other areas and it was just not possible.

“People are dumping and going,” she said, adding it was “reckless dumping”.

In response to the motion, a written reply came from Ms Orla Barrett, senior executive engineer.

Ms Barrett said the environment section is actively looking for a new location for the bottle banks in Ballyroan.

“We would be delighted to discuss alternative sites with the community for this valuable community facility,” she said.