Laois tallies shows yes vote strong in urban and rural areas

Vote in favour could reach 67% in favour say Laois yes campaign team

Conor Ganly


Conor Ganly


Laois tallies shows yes vote strong in urban and rural areas

Counting in Portlaoise.

Tallies for the abortion referendum county centre in Portlaoise show a high turnout and big majority in favour of repeal of the Eight Amendment.

Limited tallies were carried out at St Mary's Hall by the yes and no campaigns. 

With all boxes emptied and the sorting of votes underway, the limited tally returns show that the yes campaign say the vote in favour in some ares was more than 67 percent.

The no campaign is predicting a vote in favour of 60 per cent. 

The likely outcome is head like to break down on a 60/40 split.

The yes vote tallied nearly 12,000 votes with 61 percent in favouor.

The yes vote is replicated across the county. 

Sample tallies from one Portlaoise box shows 287 yes votes with 163 voting no. Another Portlaoise box showed a return of 219 with 127 voting now.

The yes vote was replicated in rural smller towns and rural areas.

In Pike-of-Rushall there were 69 votes in favour with 37 against. A Ballyroan box returned 215 yes votes and 155 no votes. A Mountrath box revealed 110 votes in favour with 83 no voters.

A box from the south of the county in Rathdowney show 103 votes in favour with 66 voting no. In nearby Ballacolla a box showed 50 votes in favour with 36 votes against.

In the north of the county in Killenard, a box showed 84 votes in favour with 55 against.  

According to figures from the Department of Housing, this brings the total number of people in Laois registered to vote in Friday’s referendum to 63,654.

Out of a population of 84,697 in Laois according to Census 2016, 75 percent of the county is now on the Register of Electors.