Referendum result is 'a sad day for Ireland' says No campaigner

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Express Reporter


Referendum results is 'a sad day for Ireland' says No campaigner

No campaigners atthe count in Portlaoise

No campaigner, Noel O'Rourke said that the outcome of the Referendum was "a very sad day for Ireland."

"The unborn child now has no protection up to 12 weeks and this can be used for whatever reasons," he said. 
"We have to trust in God now, look to the future, and if there are those hard cases, we have to find ways to solve them."

He said that politicians should vote with their conscience on legislation and not on party political grounds. 
"If legislation goes through they should honour what is in it, and never change it again," he stated. 

He expressed no views on the content of that legislation, emphasizing that the retention of the 8th Amendment had been the priority.

Mr O'Rourke said that the No campaign had given it their best. "I want to thank the people who volunteered with us and those who helped us in any way."