Laois households face fines up to €2,500 for putting recyclables into rubbish bin

Lynda Kiernan


Lynda Kiernan

New regulations for waste collection in Laois

Rubbish bins

Tough new laws on waste collection in Laois will include fines of up to €2,500 for householders and businesses who mix up rubbish and recyling waste.

The Waste management Bye-laws 2018 will be considered for approval by Laois councillors this morning Monday May 28.

There will be a fixed payment notice of €75 for any person breaking the bye-laws. If that goes unpaid after 21 days they will face prosecution, and a fine of no more than €2,500.

If they continue to break the bye-laws after being issued with this €2,500 fine, they can be fined €500 per day.

The new bye-laws will apply to household and commercial waste.

They include laws on not putting recyclable items into their waste wheelie bins.

"Household kerbside waste shall be segregated... Any such separated recyclable waste shall not be deposited into a container designed for residual household kerbside waste and no such residual waste shall be deposited into a container designated for recyclable household kerbside waste."

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Leaving out electrical items for rubbish collection will also be against the law under the new rules.

Anyone that does not pay to have bins collected, must keep receipts for a year to prove that they are taking waste to the dump instead.

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The laws also state that bins must be undamaged so they keep waste securely inside, cannot be overloaded or with extra waste left beside them. They must only be left outside a premises after 6pm the evening before collection, and before 8am the day after collection.

Laois continues to be badly hit by illegal dumping, with 76 tonnes of illegally dumped waste collected by Laois County Council's environment section between January and April 2018. This was before Clean-Up Laois week saw 150 community groups out gathering up waste from roads, ditches and bogs, with a final weight of the waste yet to be announced.