Almost €3,000 raised in one week for Laois man's cancer treatment

Michelle Hogan


Michelle Hogan

Online fundraiser to cover cancer treatment for Laois man raises €3,000 in one week

Michelle and Declan Mooney from The Swan in Laois.

An online fundraiser campaign that was organised to cover the expenses of a Laois man undergoing cancer treatment has raised almost €3,000 in one week.

Declan Mooney from The Swan in Laois was diagnosed with testicular cancer and underwent surgery two months ago.

Unfortunately, Declan needs further treatment as the cancer is now in his lymph nodes and he is currently awaiting scan results before undergoing further treatment. 

Declan is originally from Portarlington, he lives in The Swan and he has family in Abbeyleix. His brother-in-law, Jonathan Beach, set up the online fundraiser and told the Leinster Express what the family is going through. 

"Declan is self-employed, he runs a business doing chimneys and gardens and all sorts of things. He is the main breadwinner and he wanted to continue working but the doctors said that he couldn’t.

"My wife and Declan’s wife are sisters, the family have all tried to help out for months but can’t afford it anymore.

"I wasn’t expecting much of a response but I can’t believe the generosity of people.

"There are a lot of names on the fundraiser page at the moment, and a lot of names I don’t know.

"Declan is originally from Portarlington, I am based in Abbeyleix and they are living in The Swan so there has been huge support from all over the county.

"My sister is in Las Vegas, my mam is in Spain and my dad is in England and they have all been able to donate.

"My phone is buzzing every few minutes with donations. On behalf of Declan, Michelle and all of our extended family, thank you so much for your support and please keep Declan in your thoughts and prayers.

"The support is amazing, we never knew there are so many nice people out there.

"Declan had testicular cancer which was operated on and he went back for a scan after and had to wait a month for the result because the doctor was on holiday.

"On the day he was going for the results he got a letter in the post containing a referral for further cancer treatment, at this stage he hadn’t been told he would need further treatment.

"When they went to the hospital and spoke to the doctor, they learned that the cancer had spread to his lymph nodes.

"He was all set to get chemotherapy they realised that because he has no hearing in one ear he cannot have chemo as a side effect is loss of hearing.

"Now he has to go for another scan and he has back pain so we are worried it might have spread," Jonathan said.

Declan will go for further treatment when he receives the results of his latest scan. The family is grateful for the amazing support from the public. 

The communities in The Swan, Portarlington, Abbeyleix and the wider Laois area have gotten behind the fundraiser and gathered almost €3,000 in one week.

The target for the fundraiser is €6,000 to go towards medical bills, household bills and travel costs for Declan and his wife Michelle. 


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