Son of murdered Portlaoise prison officer says Sinn Féin readmitting suspended Senator is 'arrogant'

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Express Reporter

Son of murdered Portlaoise prison officer says Sinn Féin readmitting suspended Senator is 'arrogant'

Austin and Oliver Stack sons of murdered Portlaoise chief prison officer Brian Stack.

The son of a murdered Portlaoise prison officer has hit out at Sinn Féin for readmitting a Senator following her suspension over tweets about the slain officer.

Austin Stack, son of Chief Prison Officer Brian Stack who died in 1983, has said today June 18 that Sinn Féin readmitting Senator Maire Devine to their Parliamentary Party is "arrogant and shows a lack of values".

Senator Devine was suspended for three months for retweeting an offensive Tweet about Brian Stack, and her own subsequent follow up Tweets.

Austin Stack said today that by readmitting the Senator they “showed their complete arrogance and their lack of core human values”.

"Since the incident there has been no attempt by Senator Devine or Mary Lou McDonald to contact myself or my family to apologise for the grave hurt caused," Portlaoise man Mr Stack said.

Mr Stack said that his family and especially his mother were very traumatised by Senator Devine’s actions which he believes was an attempted to defame his late father.

“Sinn Féin ignored us and indulged in a political PR stunt to protect themselves by suspending the Senator for a few weeks. By welcoming Senator Devine back into the fold Mary Lou McDonald is displaying old style Sinn Féin arrogance where they don’t care who they harm or hurt. By allowing her back in after such a short period they are in effect endorsing her actions," he said.

Mr Stack said that Senator Devine should have resigned.

“Mary Lou McDonald cannot have it both ways, she cannot talk about respect and human dignity for people while at the same time throwing the door back open for somebody who wilfully endorsed the defaming of a man who served and protected this State. It again shows that the new broom promised by Mary Lou McDonald is in fact the same old brush," Austin Stack said.