Rake 'catapulted' into air when tractor hit 'sharp bump' black spot on Laois Road

Michelle Hogan


Michelle Hogan

Rake 'catapulted' into air when tractor hit 'sharp bump' black spot on Laois Road

Rake 'catapulted' into air when tractor hit 'sharp bump' black spot on Laois Road

A Laois farmer had to fork out €20,500 to replace a tractor part that was broken beyond repair after he hit ‘a sharp bump’ on a road in Mountrath.

Agricultural Contractor Pat Tynan from Camross told the Leinster Express that he was driving a tractor on the Rushin Road in Mountrath around three weeks ago when he hit a sharp bump in the road.

When he hit the bump, a large piece of machinery attached to the tractor, a Claas 2800 Rake was 'catapulted' into the air and, in landing, was damaged beyond repair.

Mr Tynan paid €20,500 to replace the rake on the same day in order to get back out and finish the work he had started that day.

“It broke up the rake. I was going along at 25 km/h and hit a bump in the road and the rake was cracked. It was a sharp bump in the road it broke the frame off the rake.

“It cost €20,500. I had to replace it on that day because it is the busy silage season.

“I had to buy the replacement that very day, I collected a new one that evening,” he said.

Mr Tynan said that he intends to take the matter further.

“I don’t know what I am going to do about it yet but I am going to do something,” he said.

Many farmers and motorists use this particular stretch of road as well as pedestrians out walking in the evenings.

“It is a busy road, the Main Road into Mountrath, the road is flat out with traffic and it also serves the livestock mart.

“I was very lucky no one was out walking, it could have been an awful lot worse, a lot of people walk on that road,” he noted.

“I would like the road to be repaired and improved - it is not good enough we pay tax and insurance, it is nobody’s fault but it needs to be repaired,” he said.

The farming equipment that was damaged beyond repair was valued between €12,000 and €14,000 after four years depreciation.

Cllr James Kelly tabled a notice of motion at a June council meeting requesting that two black spots on the Rushin Road be urgently repaired. One of these black spots is the bump that Mr Tynan hit.

“I was up there after the accident and it was only the luck of God that nobody was injured, it flew up into the air.

“There is a bump in the road and it is not the first accident, it is a sharp bump and it gave the machine a shock, it is not a pothole. The rake was catapulted into the air and, in landing, was damaged beyond repair.

"I have asked Laois County Council to do this as a matter of urgency, it is not the first time there has been an accident on the road.

“There is no funding. Our municipal district, Mountmellick/Borris-in-Ossory covers 47 percent of County Laois but we will only be doing about 4 percent of roads this year. Motor tax and insurance are high enough,” he said.

In response to Cllr Kelly’s notice of motion, area engineer Paul McLoughlin said that Laois County Council will repair the road as requested, however, no further timeline was given. Laois County Council declined to comment.

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