Former Sinn Féin TD says public money should not be spent 'killing unborn children'

Justin Kelly & Conor Ganly


Justin Kelly & Conor Ganly


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TD says 'Irish taxpayers did not vote to fund abortion'

A former Sinn Féin TD has said Irish taxpayers did not vote to fund abortion and their money which she insists should be used for public services and not for 'killing unborn children'.

“Public funding of abortion is a gross misuse of taxpayer’s money,” Carol Nolan, former Sinn Féin and now Independent Offaly TD said.

"Irish people did not vote to fund abortion. Party leaders are betraying their grass root supporters in agreeing to spend taxpayer’s money in this way. Will, there be a conscience vote for the withholding of tax by those taxpayers who do not want to fund abortion?" she said.

"Clearly, those same party leaders are now not to be trusted to uphold any promises. When Sinn Fein voted against a vote of conscience on abortion policy at its Ardfheis, I voiced my opposition, stated my pro-life position and subsequently resigned," she said.

In the interim, the abortion referendum was passed in Ireland by popular vote in all but one constituency (Donegal) in the country. 

"That any Government would allocate my and other taxpayers money to bring about the end to the life of an unborn child is not only unethical and a breach of voter trust, but abhorrent."

"In using public money in this way they have branded all the people of Ireland and opened the door to tourism abortion, at the taxpayer’s expense," she said.

Continuing with her statement, Dep Nolan, who will be a candidate in Laois Offaly next time around, said money should be used for public services.

"We have a housing crisis, a health crisis, young farmers facing sustainability challenges, a homeless crisis, families on a reduced income and forced land sales by vulture funds. There are no care packages for the elderly, communities are suffering the closure of Post offices and this Government budget, supported by other party leaders, frontlines public money for the killing of unborn children.

“The allocation of an initial amount of €12,000,000 of taxpayer’s money is only the beginning and is the first step to abortion clinics throughout Ireland. This is a gross abuse of taxpayer’s money,” the TD concluded.