Travellers 'proud to be Irish' says presidential candidate Peter Casey

Peter Casey claims his Traveller comments did not help bid to be president

Leinster Express Reporter


Leinster Express Reporter


Casey says his Traveller comments did not propel him into second place

Peter Casey says comments about Travellers didn't propel him into second place

Presidential candidate Peter Casey does not believe his controversial comments about the Travellers propelled him to second place in the Presidential Election.

Speaking on RTÉ's Morning Ireland he said that he went up in the polls because he spoke about the people who were really hurting.

Mr Casey said that in his opinion the comments that boosted his support were comments he made about middle Ireland.

He said middle Ireland was feeling tired and felt like nobody was listening to them.

He said he believed that people were looking for a voice and that they wanted someone who would say things that were on their mind.

On members of the Travelling community being worried about what might follow his comments, Mr Casey said his comments "did not unleash anything".

"I did not unleash anything ... they are 0.7% of the population and they are exactly the same as you and me. They are proud Irish people," he said.