Laois County Council's day to day costs for 2019 revealed in budget

Michelle Hogan


Michelle Hogan

Laois County Council's Budget for 2019 revealed

Laois County Council's Budget for 2019 revealed

The money needed to run public services in Laois on a day to day basis is €72.05 million for 2019, up from €63.9 million last year.

Laois County Council’s revenue Budget was approved on Monday at a meeting with council officials and public representatives. Housing and commercial rates were the most contentious issues for councillors.

Chief Executive Officer of Laois County Council Mr John Mulholland gave a report on the budget.

The budget stood at €53.9 million in 2014 and has risen by €18 million in five years.

Breaking down the expenditure by department €12.3 million (up from €12m last year) is budgeted for housing including maintenance, management, improvement work, emergency accommodation and other housing aids and schemes.

Roads will cost over €19.6 million (up from €19.3m) including costs like general improvement work and grants, footpaths, local improvement schemes, public lighting, traffic management, car parking and road safety education.

Water services in the county will cost €3.3 million (up from €3.2m) with the main costs being water plants and networks and operation and maintenance.

Development Management will cost €5.7 million (up from €5.6m) which covers costs like forward planning, planning control, tourism promotion, community and enterprise costs, unfinished housing estates, property management, heritage conservation and more.

Environmental services will cost €6.9 million (down from €7.1m) including landfill, recycling, litter management, street cleaning, waste monitoring and enforcement, maintenance of cemeteries, fire prevention, climate change and flooding.

Recreation and amenities in the county will cost €4.2 million (up from 4.1m) to run in 2019. This covers the cost of leisure centres, libraries, outdoor leisure areas, community and sports development and arts programmes.

The areas of agriculture, education, health and welfare will cost €838,000 (up from €737,800) including land drainage and veterinary services.

Miscellaneous services such as administration of rates, local election costs, coroner fees, local representatives allowances, motor tax and payroll will cost €9.9 million (up from €9.8m).

The total for all programme groups comes to €63 million. Adding in management charges of €8.9 million (up from €8.7 million) brings the total expenditure to €72 million for the year up from €70 million last year.

The council's income to cover these costs comes from central government grants (67%), local commercial rates (19%), Local Property Tax (13%) and pension levy (1%).