Results of national survey show what patients thought of care at Portlaoise hospital

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Majority of patients at Portlaoise hospital had good overall experiences says national survey

Majority of patients at Portlaoise hospital had good overall experiences says national survey

Some 88% of people who spent 24 hours or more in Portlaoise hospital during May 2018 said they had ‘good’ or ‘very good’ overall experiences. 

This is according to the results of the 2018 National Patient Experience Survey for Midland Regional Hospital Portlaoise that were published today, November 26. 

The second year of the survey asked patients about their experiences of hospital care across the country in order to find out what is working in the health service, and what needs to be improved. Nationally, 13,404 people responded out of an eligible population of 26,752.

Over 200 patients from Midland Regional Hospital Portlaoise participated in the 2018 survey, resulting in a response rate of 52%.

Around 400 patients aged 16 years or over who spent a minimum of 24 hours in a public acute hospital, were discharged in May 2018, and had a postal address in the Republic of Ireland, were eligible to participate in the survey on Portlaoise hospital.

Patients receiving services such as day care, maternity, psychiatric, paediatric and some other specialist services or Patients
receiving care in private hospitals were not eligible.

Rachel Flynn is the Director of the survey.

“The majority of participants from Midland Regional Hospital Portlaoise reported positive experiences in hospital. 88% of participants said they had ‘good’ or ‘very good’ overall experiences, compared with 84% nationally. The hospital achieved significantly higher scores than the national average across all stages of care, with the exception of discharge or transfer," she said. 

The majority of patients were pleased with the level of communication from nurses and said that they had confidence and trust in hospital staff.

In terms of areas in need of improvement, patients were not always satisfied with the answers they received from doctors. Similarly, many patients said that they were not fully informed about the expected outcome of an operation or procedure.

The infographic below outlines the main findings for Midland Regional Hospital Portlaoise.