Heartbroken mother of murdered Carlow woman begs for help to keep Laois killer in jail

'I honestly believe that Gordon Molloy is a danger...'

Darren Hassett


Darren Hassett

Carlow Carlow Carlow

A photo of Ciara Campbell taken just hours before her death

The heartbroken mother of Ciara Campbell - who was stabbed more than 27 times by her ex-boyfriend - is pleading with the public to help keep her daughter's killer, Laois man Gordon Molloy, behind bars.

Paidi Campbell, from Carlow, is for the second time writing to the parole board to beg them not to let murderer Gordon Molloy, 34, out early because she fears he will attack again.

Mr Molloy is due to come before a parole board this month.

Ms Campbell has criticised the parole process and she said: "It's not just us, it's every single family who have been touched by homicide.

"The first parole hearing at the minute is after seven years. You're notified after about six and half years. It does take you a very long time to write the letter to the Parole Board. 

"You can't adequately put into words how you're affected. I found out this week that they won't allow Ciara's photo to be used in the impact statement. 

"Molloy is a twisted evil monster and everybody is at risk if he gets back on to the streets. The letter is given to him straight away. If anybody writes in he will see the letter and he will see who sent it. 

"My message to the public is to write to the Irish Prison Service and ask them not to release him. I am fearful for women’s lives and anyone vulnerable.

"I don't care if Gordon Molloy sees the letter. I wrote that letter directly to the Parole Board. The Board's sole aim is prisoner rehabilitation. So their aim is, his release.

"When you want to be released, you are going to behave. The reason a mandatory minimum sentence is so important is that it gives families a chance to heal. Now, you're never going to get over it.

"They don't seem to understand what they're doing to families. Ciara was our only child, she's gone forever. You only get one mother, that was taken from Jamie. It's a totally unfair and unjust system.

"Molloy gets all of the options and we get nothing. We wouldn't even find out what's happening with him only that the family request in writing to the IPS to be notified, otherwise, we wouldn't know."

Gordon Molloy, of Ballickmoyer, Laois, received a life sentence in July 2009 after he brutally slayed the 22-year-old mother at her home in Ardmore Gardens, Carlow in 2007.

He attempted to have sex with Ciara's lifeless body before moving her to a bathtub full of water upstairs where she was found by Gardaí.

Ciara's son Jamie, who was only four years old at the time, witnessed some of the horrific attack and his grandparents have been raising him since November, 2007.

The grandmother said that Molloy's actions have left her family with horrific memories.

"Ciara's last words to Jamie were to run, he hid for over five hours until emergency services removed him from his home.

"A paramedic had to cover Jamie’s face with a Winnie the Pooh bag so he did not see the blood."

Gordon Molloy, who has never shown remorse for his crime, has only served 10 years behind bars and this is his second attempt to get out early from Midlands Prison.

He will be in front of the Parole Board some time this month, with the Campbell family only given a few days' notice and family members cannot attend the parole meeting. 

Paidi has written to board members saying "I honestly believe that Gordon Molloy is a danger, a danger to the lives of others and I implore you not to release him.

"We will never be at peace if we do not do everything in our power to ensure that no other innocent woman, child or man is put at risk again.

"We are now the voice of Ciara, we know in our daughter's heart, there is no instances in life where she would put the lives of others at risk and we ask you to listen to her voice through us and keep murderer Gordon Molloy away from the innocent, he will kill again.

"He butchered her body, I still feel physically ill at the mental image of Gordon Molloy stripping my little girl."

She added: "Ciara’s voice has been silenced by murderer Gordon Molloy, it is up to you and us to protect others, my opinion is that he will kill again, especially to the next woman who tells him no."