Doctor reports sex infection spike at Portlaoise hospital STI unit

Conor Ganly


Conor Ganly

Sex infections

Dr Dominic Rowley

A sex infection clinic in Portlaoise hospital is “out the doors”, according to the hospital consultant who oversees the service.

Dr Dominic Rowley believes the demand proves that the Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) service needs to operate more than once a week.

“The demand is out the door. We could probably be open at least three nights a week,” he said. Thanking the hospital for the support to date, he said the existence of a waiting list is evidence of the need for more clinics.

The doctor said STIs have risen across all age and gender groups with a notable rise among people, aged in their 50s and 60s.

“Now people are having what we call sexual debuts at a much later age,” he said. Dr Rowley highlighted “a spike” in infections after the Electric Picnic. He urged people with concerns to visit the clinic to get checked out. “The message is get checked and come into us. We have heard everything before,” he said.

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