Trailer load of illegal dumping at Laois cemetery 'beggars belief'

Michelle Hogan


Michelle Hogan

Trailer load of illegal dumping at Laois cemetery 'beggars belief'

Trailer load of illegal dumping at Laois cemetery 'beggars belief'

A trailer load of clay and stones was illegally dumped at a Laois cemetery last week causing it to be closed for a couple of days and close monitoring to be set up.

This was an exceptional case of dumping and action had to be taken quickly at Oakvale Cemetery in Stradbally according to a spokesperson in Laois County Council’s Environment section. 

“We have worked with the community to get the cemetery back open Monday to Wednesday from 9 am to 9 pm when the caretaker is around and a key is available from the committee on other days. 

“We have to keep a close eye on it, the dumping was done at lunchtime. Laois County Council spent a lot of money on the cemetery last year and then there was a trailer load of clay and stones dumped on it recently. It will be cleaned up and monitored closely. 

“We were nervous that this would be the first of many so we acted quickly. There has been lots of publicity and people are aware that this is not going to be accepted. We are going to review the situation and see if we can reopen it shortly,” the spokesperson said. 

The council does not know who dumped the clay and stones. 

Cllr Paschal McEvoy said it ‘beggars belief’ that anyone would turn a cemetery into a dumping ground. 

“It’s a disgrace and it beggars belief, you can’t have the cemetery turned into a dump. 

“The community watch is working on getting CCTV up to deter anyone from dumping because no one wants to be caught doing that on camera. It was a live issue here for a couple of days but the complaints went into the council and they acted quickly. 

“It is supposed to be a safe space for people to go,” he said. 

A key to the cemetery has been given to the committee and is available from them. The cemetery is open for funerals and Monday to Wednesday 9 am to 9 pm, it can be opened outside these hours on request. It is expected to reopen fully soon.

Last year, shocking pictured emerged showing rubbish piled high at the cemetery. 

The dumping was not just left behind after visitors but there was old flooring, parts of washing machines and other illegal dumping taking place.