Reports of graffiti and repeated vandalism in Laois town

Michelle Hogan


Michelle Hogan

Reports of graffiti and repeated vandalism in Laois town

Reports of graffiti and repeated vandalism in Laois town

There are reports of repeated acts of vandalism in Portarlington with one local saying their car has been vandalised for the third time. 

There is anger in the community and residents have taken to Facebook to discuss what is happening. One person’s complaint appeared on the Love Port page with a picture showing the side of a car that has been damaged with bright red spray paint.

The locals say there was a number of issues with graffiti along Station Road and in the Whitefields estate. 

“The walls of several properties along Station Road from the Whitefields entrance towards Odlums have been defaced with bright red spray and the entrance to Whitefields was also targeted as well as the roads in the estate.

“I’m not sure if other parts of the town have been impacted. I’ll report it to Laois County Council.

"This is what happened to our car last night. 

“This is the third time our car has been vandalised since we moved here. The first time the wing mirror unit was kicked and pulled off, the second time broken window smashed and valuables were stolen and now this,” they said. 

This was met with outrage on the Love Port Facebook page. 

Gillian Oxley commented to say she has reported it to gardai. 

“There is a group of young lads going around estates at 3/4am some mornings. I reported it to guards as one night my daughter's bike was stolen..we are in Castlegate. Guards said to ring 999 if I hear them again. They are local young lads around 15 years of age.”

Kelly Browne said more areas have been hit with graffiti.

“I saw it this morning very early but didn't see anyone I saw it all up station road it's also on glass door at the apartments across from spar and on Odlums' wall and people's wall up along towards train station.”