Laois councillors fix Local Property Tax charges for 2020

Lynda Kiernan


Lynda Kiernan

Laois homeowners to pay same LPT rate at 2019

Laois homeowners to pay same LPT rate as 2019

Laois householders will pay the same amount of Local Property Tax in 2020 as they did this year.

Laois County Council has agreed to keep the same level of tax, which they raised by 10% in 2017.

Not all homeowners have to pay the charge. Any who bought or built their homes since 2013 when it was introduced, are still exempt until after the tax is reviewed in November 2020. 

The total in LPT income to Laois for 2020 will be just over €9 million.

29,000 Laois homeowners pay almost €5 million collectively. Almost a million of that is handed over to central government, but €4.6 million comes back from the Equalisation Fund, a fund that spreads out the LPT income from heavily populated local authorities. However Laois home owners will also pay another €492,000 because of the 10% increase agreed by county councillors here in 2017, which remains in place. 

12,441 Laois properties valued at €100k or less pay €99.

12,296 in houses valued between €100k and €150k will pay €247.50.

3,016 Laois properties valued between €150 and €200k pay €346.50.

725 valued between €200k and €250k will have to pay €445.50.

261 Laois houses valued between €250k and €300k will pay €544.50.

Another 261 are in the top rate being valued above €300k, who will pay €643.50.

Laois County Council CEO John Mulholland recommended that they keep the tax level the same as last year, with the extra half million needed he said for additional costs, chiefly public realm improvements to five Laois towns, tourism, planning, roads, the homeless, the fire service and river drainage. Read that full list below.

Cllr John King proposed that the rate stay the same, seconded by Cllr John Joe Fennelly.