Farmer blockade lifted at sister factory of Laois meat plant

Leinster Express Reporter


Leinster Express Reporter

Laois beef blockade farmers organising meeting for Tuesday night

The protestors at Rathdowney

Beef farmers have lifted their blockade at the sister factory of the Meadow Meats facility in Rathdowney, Co Laois.

RTÉ has reported that the blockade of the Dawn Meats plant in Co Meath has been lifted.

Containers of finished beef left the plant in the last 24 hours after the protesters at the Slane facility have stood down the blockade. 

It is not clear if the move is permanent or in response to a demand by the company to allow meat to leave the Meath premises.

Dawn also operates Meadow Meats in Rathdowney. It is not clear if protesters will withdraw pickets which have been mounted for several weeks. Dawn has threatened to shut down the Laois factory if the dispute is not resolved. 

One of the farmers who have mounted the Rathdowney did not commit to lifting the blockade. He said he would be attending a meeting in Ballinsloe tonight with other farmers.

Beef Plant Movement representative Hugh Doyle was informed by Dawn Meats that €500,000 "perishable meat products" needed to be dispatched from its Co Meath plant.

The company said if the product was not allowed leave the site it would have to be destroyed. It threatened to hold Mr Doyle liable for any losses.