Garda warning and advice to Junior Cert students celebrating results

Leinster Express Reporter


Leinster Express Reporter

Junior Cert

Garda advice on junior cert day.

Gardaí are urging students and their parents to be mindful about the dangers of drinking and taking drug as thousands of teenagers celebrate their Junior Cert results. 

Gardaí want everyone celebrate safely.

"We are asking everyone to take a few simple precautions to ensure this: Have a plan for the evening. How are you getting home?

"Are you taking a taxi, getting a lift or staying with a friend? Be mindful of your property. Keep your phone, wallet or purse on you at all times.

"If you find yourself in a scenario and sense there could be trouble, walk away. Call the Gardaí immediately if you feel the situation is getting out of hand. Think of the consequences for both yourself and others if you were to hit someone."

Additional Gardaí will be patrolling from early on Friday evening.

The statement added: "We will be operating in a uniform and also plain clothes capacity and will be adopting a zero-tolerance approach to anyone found behaving in an anti-social manner."