Traffic wardens with 'very difficult' jobs backed by senior Laois council official

Leinster Express Reporter


Leinster Express Reporter


Traffic Warden at work

Laois Traffic Wardens have won support for the ‘difficult’ work they do from a senior official in Laois County Council.

Simon Walton, Director of Services with responsibility for Portlaoise, backed the work of the staff tasked with policing parking.

“The traffic wardens do a very difficult job...I have sat down with the wardens and I am quite satisfied that they are implementing their role very reasonably insofar as they can with the rules that are presented to them,” said Mr Walton.

He endorsed the wardens during a discussion with Portlaoise Municipal District county councillors during a discussion on parking rules and arrangements on Hynds Square and Jessop Court.

Councillors want residential spaces in Jessop Court to be opened up for public parking. However, under Laois County Council bye-laws passed previously by councillors, public parking is restricted in Jessop Court.

The issue is set to be discussed again at Laois County Council’s January meeting.

Mr Walton said a review could be carried out on parking arrangements in Jessop Court. He said the aim is to find the right balance between residents and business.