Laois man and former DJ remembers Larry Gogan's advice

Lynda Kiernan


Lynda Kiernan

Laois businessman and former DJ remembers Larry Gogan's advice

RTE Radio 2 DJs Larry Gogan (RIP), Marty Whelan, Jimmy Greeley, Gerry Ryan (RIP), Vincent Hanley (RIP) and Jim O’Neill. Photo tweeted by Marty Whelan.

A Laois man has recalled the kindness and advice he received from the late DJ Larry Gogan as a teenager.

Bus company owner Mark Martley was a teenage DJ in Portlaoise nearly 40 years ago.

"From about 15 I use to play support to RTE 2 DJs when they would come to play in Laois. Larry and fab Vinni would teach you 'de tricks of de trade'. They never looked down on me," Mark told the Leinster Express.

He sent a tweet on Tuesday January 7 after the death was announced of the legendary RTE pop music DJ, at the age of 81.

Mark recalls the heyday of RTE DJs coming to play in Laois.

"As a teen DJ with no experience, I talked myself in doing support playing before the top DJ came out on stage. Back then it was in was halls, marquees, hotels. There was a big move from live bands to live DJs, top name disco DJs. It was always the top RTE 2 guys back then. The King was always Larry it has stayed the same. So kind to us young guys chancing our arm," he said.

He shared the great advice Larry shared to him.

"Larry would always give you 30 minutes of his time, showing you the tricks of the trade, how to play to the floor watching the reaction of how the dancers moved, to play what they wanted. To have music going when you are on the mic and always finish with the best tune, keeping the best three songs to finish," he said.

"He said the dancers are your friends, they at the same party as you so you must be happy and let the dancers know you are happy. Remember to play the music for the dancer, you will be dancing inside also so let's dance to songs they are playing on the radio."

"He was a pure pure gent with kindness and respect for all walks. He was the hero of all the DJs," Mark said.

"I can still hear you Larry! RIP Larry," he said.