School issues official advice to parents about Coronavirus Covid-19

Stan Henderson


Stan Henderson


coronavirus covid-19

Coronavirus / Covid-19 advice issued to parents.

Schools have begun to pass on advice to parents about the Coronavirus COVID-19.

Portlaoise Educate Together National School (PETNS) is among the first schools in Laois to advise parents and guardians to be sensible regarding the facts of the virus COVID-19.

The school has issued an email to parents and guardians accompanied by a Coronavirus COVID-19 ‘Advice For Schools’ poster which contains public advice issued by the HSE.

"We would like to ask parents/guardians to be sensible regarding the facts of the virus COVID-19. There have been no confirmed cases to date in Ireland.

"However, if for any reason you feel you may be infected with the virus or have been in contact with anyone from an infected area or have travelled from the countries or regions with the spread of the virus please contact the HSE for further advice before returning to school. If you have been to these areas please notify the school immediately," said the note.

The school attached an Covid-19 Coronavirus information sheet from the HSE.