Dublin Midlands Hospital Group issues statement on Coronavirus Covid-19

Hospital oversees hospitals in Dublin, Kildare, Laois and Offaly

Conor Ganly


Conor Ganly

Coronavirus Covid-19

Coronavirus Covid-19

The HSE hospital group that oversees the running of hospitals in Dublin, Kildare Laois and Offaly says facilities have COVID-19 / Coronavirus preparedness plans and will follow guidelines outlined 'algorithms'.

The Dublin Midland Hospital Group (DMHG) oversees two of the country's biggest hospitals, St James's and Tallaght alongside the Coombe maternity hospital and St Lukes Radiation Oncology Network. It also includes hospitals in Naas, Tullamore and Portlaoise which includes maternity and paediatric units. 

It outlined how the constituent hospitals are preparing for an outbreak in the Dublin Midland catchment.

"Hospitals within the DMHG will follow the infection control guidelines issued by the Health Protection Surveillance Centre. These guidelines outline the algorithms to follow in healthcare settings. In preparation for patients presenting with a suspected case of COVID-19, hospitals have preparedness plans and these are being managed and reviewed on an ongoing basis.  

"Please be advised that the HSE and the Department of Health are not providing information about individual activations of preparedness plans or about individual cases of Covid-19 (coronavirus) other than confirmed cases. To date, there are no confirmed cases of Covid-19 (Coronavirus) in Ireland," said the statement. 

The DMHG added that the approach which has been taken to date in Ireland is in line with guidance from the WHO and ECDC. 

The hospital group pointed to websites that are being updated daily for the latest information about Covid-19 as follows:

•             HSE website https://www2.hse.ie/ conditions/coronavirus/ coronavirus.html

•             HPSC website which is updated at 1pm daily  https://www.hpsc.ie/a-z/ respiratory/coronavirus/ novelcoronavirus/  

•             Department of Health website https://www.gov.ie/en/ campaigns/c36c85-covid-19- coronavirus/

If any member of the has symptoms, the DMHG says they should call the GP or hospital but not to present to any facility.  The symptoms are included on the HSE page.