Heart-warming Covid-19 story of an 84-year-old man, a newspaper and a local Garda


Darren Hassett


Darren Hassett



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A heart-warming Covid-19 story has surfaced on social media involving an 84-year-old man, a newspaper and a local Garda.

Lauren Casey has highlighted the touching tale on Twitter after a "lovely 84-year-old man named Jack" rang her by accident thinking it was the number for his local Garda station.

In a series of tweet on social media, Lauren said: "He told me he was too scared to go outside and that he really wanted the newspaper.

"So I told him that I lived up in Wicklow and to hang tight that I would call the Garda Station down in Carlow and see if there was anybody around that could pop up to him and drop him in the paper so I did just that.

"Cut to 7 hours later, Jack just called me back to say a lovely Garda named Darren called up and dropped him the paper and even went back to the shop for him to get him some yogurts, he said he gave him his personal number to call him if he needed him to get him anything else."

Check out her tweets below: