ALERT: Gardaí issue Covid-19 scam warning over 'positive test' text message

Be advised!

Darren Hassett


Darren Hassett


Covid-19 Covid-19 Covid-19


Gardaí have issued a Covid-19 scam warning over a "positive test" text message that's doing the rounds. 

Gardaí were alerted to a scam which involves people receiving a text message and recommending self-isolation and asking the person to click on a link.

Check out the text message below: 

"THIS IS A SCAM. Delete the text and don't follow the link. For all information on Covid-19, follow the Government guidelines on or

"A member of the public health team may phone you and ask about people you have been in contact with. This is called contact tracing. Your GP can also advise you further," Gardaí added.