Construction activity rose in first quarter

Construction activity rose in first quarter

The level of activity in the overall construction sector increased by 4.7% in first four months of 2020 when compared with the previous quarter.

The Central Statistics Office Production in Building and Construction Index found that civil engineering showed the largest increase with a rise of 11.7% in the seasonally adjusted volume index.

Residential building was also up on the previous quarter with an increase of 5.6% in volume, while non-Residential Building rose by 2.6%.

The year on year change for the residential sector has seen a volume increase of 29.9% in the seasonally adjusted index.

Non-Residential Building activity was also up with an increase of 12.9% year on year, while Civil Engineering activity increased by 8.9%.

The Production in Building and Construction Index provides quarterly statistics on output in the sector. The index monitors trends in the value and the volume of production in building and construction. The index is primarily intended to function as a short-term indicator. For long term analysis, the annual Building and Construction Inquiry is recommended.

The principal difference between the value and volume indices is that the value index measures changes in the value of work done while the volume index tracks the quantitative volume of production by excluding the effect of price changes using a price deflator. The Capital Goods price index for Building and Construction is used as the price deflator for this series.

This series is also available using the interactive tables in Statbank, the CSO's website on