Covid-19 leads to less racism against Muslim women says Laois community representative

Conor Ganly


Conor Ganly


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Sara Geraldine Rasool is a community representative on the Laois Joint Policing Committee

Covid-19 has reduced discrimination and racism against Muslim women who wear face coverings for religous reasons according to a community representative on the Laois Joint Policing Committee.

Ms Sara Geraldine Rasool spoke at a meeting of the committee in Portlaoise this week.

“A lot of rules and regulations that have come with Covid were based on social distancing. The way that Muslim women dressed was condemned or we were even fined for covering our faces and hands. During Covid and the social distancing we did not have such problems.

“There was of Muslim ladies who would have their faces covered who would have been harassed. But with the Covid they have been more relaxed and comfortable because it is normal and ok to cover your face and hands.

“This has made it a lot easier for Muslims in Ireland. It is not shunned upon anymore.

“We feel less harassment we feel less racial abuse and that is positive,” said Ms Rasool.