LATEST: Portlaoise hospital continues to fight Covid-19 in patients on the day of outbreak

Latest national HSE report on Covid-19 in Irish hospitals

Conor Ganly


Conor Ganly


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Frontline Covid-19 staff at the Midland Regional Hospital Portlaoise

Portlaoise hospital staff continued to fight for the lives of four people with Covid-19 on the day when at least one of their colleagues contracted the disease in a hospital outbreak.

The Covid-19 Daily Operations Update for Acute Hospitals, finalised for Midland Regional Hospital Portlaoise on Wednesday and published on Thursday, October 15, shows now change the 24 hours up to 8pm on Wednesday. Apart from the four confirmed case there were two confirmed cases.

However, the virus caused significant upheaval on Wednesday for staff and patients. A ward had to be closed after what is understood to have been a small outbreak which the HSE announced involved patients and staff. READ MORE HERE.

The Kilminchy Lodge Nursing Home also confirmed on Wednesday that one of its residents passed away at the hospital after contracting the virus in the home. The patient was the second of four residents at the home to succumb to the virus. Two lost their battle at Portlaoise hospital since the start of October when the home confirmed 21 patients and 10 staff have been infected. READ MORE HERE.

Portlaoise finally had a free ICU bed by close of business on Wednesday. It has spare four spare general beds. The hospital has had to care for Covid-19 patients almost every day since September 11. ICU staff have also had to treat at least critically ill patient with coronavirus every day for the past month. 

Portlaoise hospital is part of the Dublin Midlands Hospital Group (DMHG) which includes the Midland Regional Hospital Tullamore.

The Offaly hospital now has nine confirmed Covid-19 cases one more than the previous day. Three of its confirmed and suspected cases are critically ill. Staff had no available ICU beds and one general bed late Wednesday. 

Meanwhile, Naas General Hospital continues to have eight confirmed Covid-19 cases and five suspect cases. None of these patients is receiving critical care. The Kildare facility had one ICU bed and five general beds when the HSE compiled the figures.

Tallaght and St James' hospitals in Dublin are part of the same group. Tallaght now has 19 confirmed cases and ten suspected. It has three ICU beds and seven general beds available. St James' has nine confirmed but six suspected cases of Covid-19. It has 67 general beds and three critical care beds available.

Nationally, the number of Covid-19 cases dropped to 214 from 230 cases the previous day. There were 100 suspect cases. Of these two categories, 41 people were receiving critical care - 25 are ventilated. There was one death in ICU.