Green roofs welcome in new eco friendly Laois development plan

Lynda Kiernan


Lynda Kiernan

Green roofs welcome in new eco friendly Laois development plan

Portlaoise parish centre was ahead of the curve with its green roof, with more encouraged in the new county development plan.

Passive houses, green roofs, rainwater harvesting and sustainable housing planning with no need for cars are all being embraced in future house building plans for Laois.

The upcoming Laois County Council Development Plan 2021-2027 has a new chapter dedicated to climate action and energy, including the guidance on eco friendly housing.

Senior Planner Angela McEvoy says that climate actions are also also “threaded through and integrated into each chapter” of the new plan under development.

“The four key action areas are sustainable transport, land use, the built environment and energy provision.

“It’s looking at a range of policy objectives, from passive designs for buildings, to greenways and the promotion of walking and cycling for sustainable transport options, the development of train stations, and trying to get the carbon emissions down. 

“It is in relation to achieving our targets set at national level for climate action,” she said.

The draft plan goes out for public consultation in January 8 until March 19, for the public to add their views. Because of Covid there will be no ‘town hall’ public days, but instead webinars will be held.

The final plan will guide development in Laois until 2027 and is expected to be introduced in mid 2021.