Dunamaise Arts Centre wants to lighten lives with lockdown podcasts but they want to hear from you first

Conor Ganly


Conor Ganly

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Culture Night at the Dunamaise Arts Centre in 2020. Picture Alf Harvey

Covid can lock them down physically but the creative crew at the Dunamaise Arts Centre is determined not to let Covid-19 lock down their imaginations.

The Centre has been able to circumvent Covid-19 at different stages over the last year relying on technology to bring creativity and entertainment to the people of Laois in an effort to lighten the lockdown load.

Now they are hatching new plans to used technology to entertain but they need your input first by taking part in an online survey.

"We are looking at new ways of connecting our audiences with artists. Your answers are really important to us! Please be as honest as possible as the results (which are anonymous) are really valuable in informing us about how we plan our Podcasts and other online activities.

"For most, you need only check a box or enter a line for your answer. Overall, it should just take up a couple of minutes of your time. Thank you so much for your co-operation!

"Stay safe & well, from Lorraine & all the team at Dunamaise Arts Centre," concludes the appeal.

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