MEP for Laois wants EU to use 'common sense' in Covid-19 vaccines supply to Ireland

EU should prioritise vaccine delivery to Ireland

Leinster Express Reporter


Leinster Express Reporter


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Vaccination programme in Ireland impacted by supply problems

An MEP who represents Laois voters in Europe has called for countries like Ireland to get priority in the supply of vaccines because he says any stocks that become available are been administered quickly.

Billy Kelleher represents the Ireland South constituency in the European Parliament.

“EU vaccine supplies should be prioritised for countries that are carrying out their vaccination programmes swiftly and efficiently,” said the Fianna Fáil representative.

Mr Kelleher said Ireland's vaccination programme is being held back because of a lack of supply.

“When Ireland receives its vaccines, they are administered very quickly. There are no supplies sitting in freezers, which is sadly the case in a number of larger Member States.

“There are moves afoot at Member State level to change the distribution plan for vaccines to reflect efficiency and also emergency health situations.

“If Ireland is waiting for vaccines to be delivered, and say Belgium has 300,000 in stock, it makes more sense to give the next delivery of vaccines to Ireland as they will be used. Of course, every country must get their fair share, but it should also depend on their ability to make use of their supplies.

“I’ve written to the Taoiseach and the Minister for Health urging them to ensure that Ireland supports these proposals at European Council level. It’s a common sense approach that focused on getting vaccinations into the arms of Irish people as quickly as possible,” concluded Kelleher.