Green tinge in contracts to help with Laois Covid and Brexit recovery

Millions of euro ring-fenced for Local Enterprise Office clients

Conor Ganly


Conor Ganly


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Laois County Council County Hall in Portlaoise.

There is a Green element to contracts being offered to help Laois business recover from the damage caused by Brexit and Covid-19.

Laois County Council is seeking submissions for a panel of consultants or mentors to work with employers that are supported by the Laois Local Enterprise Office Laois.

The tender says the council invites firms to deliver Management Development Consultancy under the Stimulus Fund Programme. It says a €10 million fund was ring-fenced for Local Enterprise Office clients.

The contract will incentives bids from consultants that can offer 'Green' advice to the recovering businesses around Laois.

"The overall objective of this fund is to assist these businesses to move into a recovery phase. The funding is conditional upon eligible businesses agreeing to complete a project focused on driving key themes such as competitiveness both operationally and Green, capability across leadership, innovation, strategic finance and new market development which will support the mitigation of the effects of the Covid and Brexit crises.

"The intention is that the funding and associated projects will provide businesses with a platform from which they can sustain and grow thereby contributing to the recovery of the Irish economy," says the council.

This contract is divided into six separate lots.