Organisation that helps bereaved parents expands into Laois and other Leinster counties

Conor Ganly


Conor Ganly


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Image by pasja1000 from Pixabay

An organisation which supports bereaved parents has expaned to support families in Laois and other Leinster counties.

While many support services are being cut back and reduced due to the pandemic, Dublin based charity Anam Cara have announced the expansion of their support services for bereaved parents living with no surviving children.

Whilst this group had being operating in Munster, there is now a dedicated group for those living in the Leinster area.

Sharon Vard is the CEO and Founder of Anam Cara.

“It is heart-breaking that there is a demand for this support group and those living with no surviving children require this lifeline. As a bereaved mother I know the intense grief, loneliness, pain and loss we feel, however the death of your only child is something I cannot imagine, to me it’s the cruellest loss of all. It is vital that we expand and offer these specific groups,” sh said.

Ms Vard added that a bereaved parent recently acknowledged the support from the group as follows: “I can honestly say that I never felt more at ease than in the company of this group of parents who have also experienced the death of their only child, There was no judgement and no one was afraid to talk of their children’s lives and deaths for fear of upsetting the other”.

To find out more about this group and other services Anam Cara offer free of charge, visit their website or email