Laois Leisure Centre staff praised for first aid response after woman collapsed on street

Michelle Hogan


Michelle Hogan

Sports First Aid course in Carrick next Saturday

Four to five members of staff at Portarlington Leisure Centre swung into action on Tuesday morning when a member of the public needed first aid attention.

Leisure Centre Manager, Sean Quirke, said that a woman collapsed on the path across from their premises. 

"A lady collapsed on the footpath across from the Leisure Centre and some members of staff here were called for assistance. 

"The lady was drifting in and out of various levels of consciousness, she was covered in blankets when I got out to help. 

"This is not the first incident we have been called to, we often get called and we have the defibrillator here too if it is needed, luckily it was not needed today," he said.

It is understood the woman collapsed due to a viral health issue and an ambulance took her to Portlaoise hospital after staff performed necessary first aid on her.

The staff have received warm praise from members of the public.

Mr Quirke added that staff receive first aid training once a month.

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