Portarlington women invited to join in new social club

Portarlington women invited to join in new social club

A hugely successful Midlands women's social club that says no to rules, committees and fees, but yes to fun and friendship, has opened its second branch in Portarlington.

The TLC - Treasured Ladies Club - was dreamed up by Tullamore ladies Esther Kelly and Lorraine Maher last February.

They describe it as “a totally unstructured group of friends, who have a lot of fun and meet up regularly”.

Members wear a pin so they can recognise others in the club.

Just seven months later it has 50 members, women of all ages, who meet every Saturday morning in the Bridge House at 11am for tea and chats and social plans.

Members take outings like trips to a music festival, the movies and theatre as well as walks and meeting up for tea and chats.

Events are arranged by different members to suit themselves, with no rules and no money collected centrally.

It is a successful formula that the women are delighted to have introduced in Portarlington, Esther told the Leinster Express.

“We hope it is just as successful in Portarlington. It's amazing, the energy and vibe that is there every Saturday morning,” she said.

She explained why they formed TLC.

“In this day and age there is a lot of loneliness, women have moved into new towns find it hard to break into the social life. We tried to figure out what we could do, to support other women. You just come along, introduce yourself and you're part of it, if you feel it's for you,” she said.

The Portarlington meet-up is in the French Quarter Café, every Saturday morning at 11am.

“We look forward to meeting many new friends, so please come along. You will be so welcome,” Ester said.

The club is opening a third branch in Athlone. Find their page Treasured Ladies Club on Facebook.