Laois town to bloom next spring as 3,000 bulbs planted for 'Operation Daffodil'

Michelle Hogan


Michelle Hogan

Laois town to bloom next spring as 3,000 bulbs planted for 'Operation Daffodil' Portarlington Tidy Towns

Residents and visitors in Portarlington are in for a treat next spring as 3,000 daffodil bulbs are set to be planted in the coming weeks.

Portarlington Tidy Towns and local businesses have teamed up to launch ‘Operation Daffodil’ focused on the busy Lea Road alongside the redevelopment of the former Butler’s Engineering site.

The Dublin Road Business Park and the have teamed up with Portarlington Tidy Towns to launch Operation Daffodil.

The project involves cleaning up road frontage and planting an amazing 3,000 bulbs that will be ready to bloom in springtime adding a burst of colour to the roadside and enhancing the look of the area.

David Maher is a local businessman and member of Portarlington Tidy Towns.

"Our works include cutting all the lower branches off the existing trees, rotavating and level the ground, adding about 300 new hedging plants and planting 3,000 daffodil bulbs along a 300m stretch of road frontage.

“We are very lucky to have had the support of John Carey of the, an online seller of garden products, who came on board with a donation of 100kgs of Daffodils and expert advice on how to prepare the ground and plant the bulbs.

“It is important to note that this section of roadway benefits hugely from the past work of the Portarlington Tidy towns and in particular John O'Kane who oversaw the planting of trees on the section of road over 20 years which gives a lovely tree line appearance to this part of the town".

“The works in total will take about two weeks and next spring will add an impressive splash of colour to the lives of residents of and visitors to Portarlington,” Mr Maher said.