Food and chemistry at Dunamase

Primary school

Food and chemistry at Dunamase

Dunamase College in Portlaoise enjoyed their first Science Week this year, basing their experiements on the theme ‘Kitchen Chemistry’.

The national week took place from November 13 to 17.

The first year students at the new school used everyday kitchen items to create ‘explosions’, and to illustrate basic chemistry principles.

They used components such as vinegar, bread soda and skittles.

“It gave students an opportunity to appreciate that chemistry occurs all around us in everyday life and not just in the laboratory,” said principal Aoife Elster.

From Kitchen science to food, and all of the Dunamase College first years also got to try out their culinary skills last week.

Fruit salad was on the menu and many tasty options were created and eaten.

“It’s a great opportunity that all of our first years can trial the practical subjects for the year and not have to choose until they have experienced them first hand. All students, regardless of whether they choose home economics or not, will now have the basic principals of cooking and kitchen hygiene and safety. And they will all be able to make a mean fruit salad,” Ms Elster said.