Mobile phone blackspots in Portlaoise claims Laois Sinn Féin TD

Leinster Express Reporter


Leinster Express Reporter

Mobile phone broadband sinn féin portlaoise

Sinn Féin TD claims Portlaoise has broadband blackspots.

There are mobile phone blackspots in Portlaoise and thousands of other Laois residents have little or no broadband coverage, Sinn Féin TD Brian Stanley has claimed.

Speaking following the publication of the 2017 implementation report of the Mobile phone and Broadband Taskforce, the Laois TD Sinn Féin Communications Spokesperson said that mobile blackspots are affecting both day to day quality of life and future rural economic development

He said much of the State is covered by communications 'no go areas'. He said this is affecting thousands of householders, farmers and students, with some area getting worse. He claimed that parts of the State that once had mobile coverage have none now, or have lower quality coverage.

Despite substantial investment in broadband cables and infrastructure in Laois, he claimed there are mobile blackspots in Portlaoise. 

“In some areas of Laois, including in Portlaoise, toward the west and north sides of the town, have almost no mobile coverage through parts of the day. This along with the lack of broadband coverage for over 12,000 households to be covered by the National Broadband Plan in Laois is affecting economic growth in county.

The Laois TD welcomed the establishment of broadband officers for each local authority and that they include mobile coverage, although in many places they are not stand alone roles.

“The scale of the problem in communications in this State is immense and we still have not identified the true number of blackspots. It is one of the major issues affecting quality of life and jobs growth. Without affective communications there will be a difficult future for rural Ireland," he said.