People 'choosing to go to different schools' over parking 'chaos' at Portlaoise campuses says councillor

Michelle Hogan


Michelle Hogan

People 'choosing to go to different schools' over  parking 'chaos' at Portlaoise campuses says councillor

Action is needed to provide parking and traffic solutions for the school campuses at Summerhill in Portlaoise as people are choosing different schools over the current ‘chaotic’ traffic and parking situation according to a Laois county councillor.

Cllr Catherine Fitzgerald tabled a notice of motion at the Portlaoise municipal district meeting on Wednesday, requesting that the Council should talk to the Department of Education about buying land for car parking near the schools in Aghnaharna.

“We’re are all absolutely delighted with our new school campus, the Holy Family School and all the other schools in the area, fantastic new buildings, fantastic new schools but there is still a major problem with parking and dropping kids on and off at the schools.

“It’s not fair on the pupils, the parents/guardians or whoever is dropping the children off to school and it is not fair on the residents in the adjoining estates.

“There are two cars in a lot of roads in Beladd and Summerhill parking each side of the road, people can’t get in or out of their homes.

“People have no option but to park in the estate and if it is a wet morning it is absolutely still chaotic.

“I am asking, is there land available that we can put as much pressure as we can on the department to go and buy that land and put in proper parking facilities for the sake of the students, parents/guardians and for the sake of all the residents in that area?

“It is absolutely chaotic, it is just ridiculous, there are people choosing to go to different schools because they can’t get in or out of the schools.

“We have a fantastic facility available and we need to write to Minister Charlie Flanagan, all the TDs and press it with the Department of Education. We have to have this, it is absolutely crucial that we buy that land beside the school and put in proper parking, a park and ride, a laydown or whatever the case may be. There have to be facilities out in for people or the school,” Cllr Fitzgerald said.

Cllr Pauline Madigan said this effects all motorists in the town during the school drop off and collection hours.

“I have been speaking to residents from Portlaoise if they get caught at all in that area, it is having a huge impact on the town so it is a huge priority.,” she said.

Cllr Willie Aird agreed with the need for parking facilities and suggested buying the adjacent land and putting permanent bollards along the paths where there are currently rows of traffic cones.