Residents want car parking spaces on narrow road at Portlaoise estate

Michelle Hogan


Michelle Hogan

Residents want car parking spaces on narrow road at Portlaoise estate

St Brigid's Place, Portlaoise

Car parking spaces are needed at a Portlaoise estate where the road is so narrow only one car can get through at a time due to cars parked on the road outside houses. 

Residents in St Brigid's Place, Portlaoise told Cllr Caroline Dwane Stanley about the parking issues at the front row of the estate. 

Cllr Dwane Stanley tabled a notice of motion at the recent Portlaoise Municipal District meeting asking the council to install extra parking bays along the front of St Brigid's Place. 

"I was contacted by residents in the area. It is particularly when you go down to that roundabout and turn to the left, on the left-hand side, it is very narrow there.

"If you are on the roundabout you have to give way to the right as normal but you're actually giving way to the left as well because it's so narrow with cars parked.

"An awful lot of households would have two cars now outside their house. What residents are saying to me is that they are already parking across on the far side of the road up on the footpath and you can see the marking along the green area where they are already parking.

"What I have been asked would the council put in extra car parking bays along that area to make room for parking. They are there parking anyway they don’t want to lose the trees but you can see the mark where they are all parking," she said. 

A senior engineer at Laois County Council said funding for the installation of car parking bays will be sought under the Community Involvement Scheme Application in 2019.