Laois AFL Geelong star Zach Tuohy unleashes some 'Portaloosh' humour on Aussie TV

Conor Ganly


Conor Ganly


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Zach Tuohy left and parents Marie and Noel on right who celebrated at home in Portlaoise

Laois man and Aussie Rules star Zach Tuohy put a TV interviewer in his place in front of the Australian nation by giving him a pronunciation lesson on how to say Portlaoise after reaching the equivalent of an All-Ireland Final with his club Geelong.

Zach was interviewed live on TV when the interviewer asked him how people would be celebrating Geelong's victory over the Brisbane Lions the former club of his fellow Laois man Colm Begley from Stradbally.

"Tell us what the scenes will be like in Portaloosh, in Ireland, your home town. Mum and dad, do they get to stream the games? They're able to get it in real time?"

Now Zach could have acted the prima donna and took umbridge but the self-effacing proud townie and Laois man turned the tables on his interviewer with humour.

Zach responded: "Portaloosh,' can they get it in real-time? Yea, they've got internet and stuff like. Get it in real time? I think the carrier pigeons have to get there with the score. Yea, they get in real-time. It's 'Portlaoise' FYI as well. People back at home will give out if I don't correct you. 'Leash' like a dog leash". MORE BELOW PICTURE.


The former Leinster GAA Champion with the Laois minors and Laois senior Gaelic Football county champion with Portlaoise said his parents Noel and Marie and friends would be celebrating.

"Yea they're all watching it. All my friends and family are watching it. Under normal circumstances, I'd probably have some of family here but they're obviously all a great support for me," he said.

Zach became the first recipient of the Portlaoise Certificate of Achievement Award at Laois County Council in 2016. PICTURES HERE. More below tweet.



Apart from his post-match popularity, the Laois man was to the fore in a big win which marks the pinnacle of his career in Australia so far.

He was drafted by Carlton in 2010 and has since played more than 200 games in the AFL. He joined the great Jim Stynes as only the second player to reach the milestone this year.